Unimportant story. Why i live as straight edger

Straight edge. Yeah, straight edge is the faith, the old theory, and the never-die lifestyle. I post this because i'm the one of billions straight edger in the world. But, for beginner who never heard what is straight edge maybe this article is a new commendation for you. And this article is belong to my friend. The great Straight Edge motivator that i ever seen.

Let's start from the zero point when straight edge was found
--- Straight edge was subculture that born from one song by Minor Threats. A punk and hardcore band that started new theory of punk and hardcore culture. The title of the song was "Straight Edge". The content of the song were some ideas of hardcore or punk that totally different with others punk and hardcore in its age. The lyrics contained the listener to stay away from drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and free sex. ---
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I love the hardcore musics. Instead, when i see some hardcore guys are blowing some smoke, it's very very annoying me. From that point i'm so interesting and wondering about some theory and lifestyle that give hardcore or punk guys a good and healthy life. No smoking, no alcohol, no free sex etc.

This is my story. And it's all begin because one friend.
--- Since i knew him, i was just feeling he was a same guy as the other. Just called him A (A is initial for him). He sat on the class table and listened some songs. I was hoping his songs were EDM. When i asked, "Can i see your songs list?". He was not replying by words, he gave me his ipad. I was hoping that i know one song. And the reality said no. His songs, one of them, i really didn't know. I saw dark style of album art cover over all. I asked "what is the genre of the song?" He replied "you'll never understand what i'm listening to. Just search it on youtube and you will understand". So i decided to go to the canteen after he said like that. Maybe he was hiding his personality by his songs. Or he just wanted somebody knows him by his songs. I remembered one moment, there were two sentences in his song list, "More Than Life" and "Fear". I was just thinking they were the title of the songs.
Someday, i played the games at my home, i played on pc. I was still wondering what his songs were. I opened up the youtube and searched them. I typed down "More Than Life" , the results were not expected as i want. So i tried combine two sentences "More Than Life Fear". The results were found. I clicked it and heard it. So this was hardcore music. The first hardcore music that i ever heard. The singer screamed and the scream reflected some rage and anger. So i tried to find more. In that moment,  i realized that the band name was "More Than Life". While the song played on my computer, i searched it biography. All of related word of it, i searched too. And that was a moment when i know "What Straight Edge is". All day i searched some straight edge scene. The bands were amazing. The second band that i loved one was Bane. They were from Boston. Especially its song titled "Wrong Planet" was so amazing for me.
One year later, i was in 3rd grade of SHS (Senior high school). I was ready for the next step. To became straight edger. I was ready to get away from drugs, alcohols, and especially tobaccos and cigarettes and be a person who lived in this scene with more healthy ways. My friend A, he asked me when he realized that i wore the straight edge watch. "Ten or thirty years later, will you smoke in front of me?". I said "No, i will not". He noticed me "Hardcore is more than the songs that you ever heard, Hardcore is a life. Hardcore is exist for being great humanity. Straight edge is the health one. So you must ready for the dark world and hold tight your straight edge life. Just like you hold your religion. Don't lost your faith and keep it straight". So i was ready to responsibility, especially my new lifestyle. He made me to believe that hardcore was more than musics, it was a life. So i believed and keep it tight.
He shared his opinions, knowledge of hardcore like the subgenres, bands etc. He had a lot bands. He shared straight edge, hardcore and punk bands from Indonesia, Japan, Canada, German, and Boston. They were amazing. All of hardcore bands, still stood clear among pop bands. Minor threat was a very very great punk band.
One day i asked to A about his songs. "What is your favorite genres? Is it just hardcore in your phone?" He answered "Not only hardcore, i love musics. I hear a lot of genres. Pop, EDM, reggae etc. Listening other musics is not mean you are not straight edge neither. Straight edge is a life from hardcore scene. I have a lot of punk and hardcore bands in my phone too. Not only that, i have some EDM,reggae and pop too. Bored level of people is relative. The important things, you know the lesson of the hardcore. The content that you must learn from it. Learn from its lyrics".---

I still have a lot of perspective about hardcore. And wanna share my opinions to straight edger and hope the discussion is going to funier. Share the new hardcore and punk bands, the update of sxe fashion goods etc. Now i love hear local hardcore like Thinking Straight . I love its content, the lyrics, the songs and more!!
I'm so expecting to this world. Hardcore must evolve and never die till my grandchild born and Straight Edge still a live in future :D .

Link sources : wikipedia , www.wallpapersxl.com 


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