Suicide squad in Indonesia

Hello there! This is my first english post. This is a special post for you. I'm going to talk about Indonesian's respond about the Suicide Squad. 

Directed by David Ayer, this movie is a recommended to watch in weekend. Realeased yesterday 3rd August in Indonesia, every cinema was full of DC fans. Today, i'm expecting to give opinions about this badass movie. 
Unlike the other movie, Suicide Squad is villains movie that will give you a new perspective about the villains. Instead, they are not heroes at all (Except Katana and Rick Flag) and purpose to kill other villains. Maybe this theory is a good one cause to vanish other villains , you need other villains too. Villains against villains to break a chain of revenge.
Suicide Squad still shows the superhero of DC such as Batman and Flash. But, they appeared not last enough.
As timeline, Suicide Squad is a filler movie that brings you to Justice League. Automatically, I can say this movie is a next episode of Batman V Superman : Dawn of Justice though this movie is not showing the superheroes. You will see some humanity side of the villains like Harley Quinn, Deadshot, El Diablo and Killer Croc.
In the cinema, i heard some peoples comment a positive respond. They were look so happy to watch this movie. Very , very , very different and unpredictable story. I've watched this movie with my friend. Although he was not a geek of DC, he enjoyed the movie and said "This movie is absolutely badass! Full of villains and giving a new way to entertain the superhero lover. This movies is fucking cool". Ok that was my friend opinion, so this is mine.
This movie is a great one. If you expecting there's an epic superhero, dont. This is a new way of DC giving a new perspective of the very, very, bad villains, except joker. Most of them are Batman's supervillains. If you seek about villains movie, this one is very, very important to watch. I wanna say thanks to Jared Leto. His action was soooooo incredible. Also to David Ayer, he's a nice producer movie especially for Suicide Squad. This movie just like my cocaine, make me wanna see again. I can't wait for next DC movies.
In last, my respond to this movie is a great one. A must see movie if you DCU or DC fans. Full of comedy, non-stop action, and some psychopathic action. If you have some critics, suggest, comments and opinions, you can share your mind on comment slot below. Be a villain with Suicide Squad :)
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